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Daily Codeword with interesting things is waiting for you to discover them. It's a game that helps you train your observation skills and sharp thinking.

All letters of the alphabet appear as one or more letters on the square board and are represented by the exact same number wherever they appear on the board. At the start of the game, some letters are revealed first. To add a letter and crack the code, click a cell and then type or click the letter you want to place in that cell.

Code words are like crossword puzzles — but with no clues! Instead, each letter of the alphabet has been replaced with a number, the same number representing the same letter in the entire puzzle.

How to play Daily Codeword game

When the game starts, two or three letters will reveal the code first. All you have to do is decide which letter is represented by which number! Once these letters have been entered into the whole puzzle, you will have enough information to start guessing words and discovering other letters.

Entering Letters

To enter a word, simply click on the square in which you want to begin typing. The color of the selected square will appear in yellow.

Type the letter you believe is the correct letter, represented by the number in that square. All other occurrences of that letter will be filled in automatically.

“Restore” button

Clicking on this button will restore the puzzle to its original state.

“Reveal Letter” button

Clicking on this button will display the correct letter for the currently selected square.

"Solution" button

Clicking on this button will display the complete puzzle solution.

A Printer-Friendly Version

If you prefer to solve the Codebreaker Crossword the old-fashioned way with pencil and paper, click on the Printer-Friendly Page link, and print out that page from your browser.


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