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Dordle is a Wordle version with a new twist on the same gameplay. Before moving on in the official Wordle game, you must guess one word. Dordle is another of the many word guessing games that have shown up recently, but it goes a step farther than other games like Wordle. In Dordle, you must guess two words rather than one on any given day, putting your word-guessing skills to the ultimate test.

How to play

Getting started with the Dordle game is a really straightforward procedure, so follow these steps to get started in no time:

  • That's all! Your fresh game will begin, and you will be able to begin guessing today's two words.
  • As previously stated, playing Dordle differs from its other predecessors in that you must predict two words on any given day rather than one.
  • Unlike Wordle, you'll receive seven guesses instead of six, and as you type a word, each letter will become green, yellow, or gray according on how accurate it is.

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