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Foodle is a culinary-themed word-guessing game. Rather than giving your spouse hints, you must describe food such that they can guess what it is. It's tough and entertaining, similar to Wordle and other word games, but with some interesting differences.

If you enjoy both cuisine and word games, this is the game for you! Each round is unique as you push yourself to think of more and more innovative ways to describe various dishes. Continue reading to learn how to play and make your buddies thirsty for words.

How to play:

Foodle's gameplay is easy for beginners. Start by guessing the food word six times. The competitor must guess a five-letter food-related word. The algorithm will also request another phrase. If you guess a five-letter food-related term not in the game's word list, you can suggest more. After that, the player gets six daily chances to predict Foodle's word. Daily puzzle answers are added.

Daily, generate food word hints. Correct words must be guessed. Foodle requires players to track remaining time for each word. Players must match and connect the proper words to finish the game on time.

Foodle requires a 5-letter food-related phrase. 6 chances to guess today's word. After each estimate, the tile's color changes to represent how near you are. Try to guess properly quickly. Social media lets players share results. Each word guess will be colored, but not revealed. To pique interest in the daily special. Create a guessing game between users. One word per day!

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