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FRAMED is a multi-award-winning noir-puzzle game in which you re-arrange panels of an animated comic book to alter the story's outcome. has recently become a very popular kind of entertainment. You have six chances to guess the title of a movie.

How to play

In Framed, the player is shown a frame from a random movie and must determine what it is. You must type the title of the film into the blank bars supplied beneath the frame. The autofill feature in the bars allows the player to write the full name of the movie. The rules of framed games are fairly simple; simply follow these procedures.

Take a look at the stills from today.
Take a wild guess. If you successfully guess, you will see the award screen.
If you guess incorrectly, you have five more chances to reveal a new still image. With each incorrect guess, fresh content is disclosed, which will serve as a tip for you to correctly guess the movie title.

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