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Moviedle is a great way to unwind while also testing your movie knowledge. In this game, you will see a sped-up version of a movie, and your task will be to guess its title. You will be shown a longer, slower version each time you fail. Because the number of attempts is limited, make good use of them.
Following in the footsteps of Wordle, Moviedle has emerged as a popular quiz game. It borrows the basic principles but adds a distinctively cinematic twist. Instead of guessing a word, you're attempting to name a movie.

How to play

It maintains Wordle's format by giving players six chances to guess the movie, but that's it. In Heardle and Framed, players get more clues with each try.

Moviedle only has one clip. The first attempt compresses a film into a one-second clip, testing the player's visual processing. Players must quickly guess the movie.

Most people need more than a second, so the "Skip" function lets them try again. To help players guess the film, the clip slows down with each attempt until the last.


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