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Nerdle is a math-based online puzzle game in which you must guess the correct word (actually a number/equation) to fill the eight available slots in a maximum of six attempts. The final equation isn't suggested, but once you choose a number, the grid will fill with a specific color to show how close you are to the answer and whether you placed the numbers and symbols correctly. 

In the game Nerdle, you have six chances to correctly guess the hidden mathematical equation. To find out which numbers and signs are in the equation, you can enter your first equation using numbers (0–9) and arithmetic signs (+, –, /, and *).

How to play

In the Windows game Nerdle, you have six tries to figure out the hidden mathematical equation. You enter your own correct equation for each guess to confirm the numbers and arithmetic symbols present in the puzzle. You must guess the correct equation without any help.

  • The tiles in the grid will change color with each attempt.
  • The various colors will show you how close you are to finding the right solution.
  • For example, if the color changes to green, it indicates that the number is accurate and correctly positioned.
  • However, if the position of the number is incorrect, it turns purple. If the number appears nowhere in the word, it is black.

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