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Octordle is a more difficult variant of Wordle. You have up to 13 guesses to determine eight five-letter words. In contrast to the original game, you must guess eight words at the same time.

The Octordle follows the classic Wordle rules, except you have to solve eight words at once and have 13 attempts. Because there are 8 hidden words, the color hints on the keyboard keys are divided into 8 sections based on the game's side. This game has grown in popularity because it is far more difficult and interesting than the original Wordle.

According to this interpretation of the game, players have a thousand sum of 13 guesses to get 8 words correct. The puzzle board is massive, and it adds depths to the master that make it appear as simple as proto-Indo European. While Wordle was used as inspiration, the website states that this adaptation is based on similar games called Quordle and Dordle, which are Wordle variations with four and two answers, respectively.

How to play

You have 13 guesses to solve the puzzle of 8 target words. To solve the puzzle, follow the color clues on the letters and keyboard.

  • Color coding: The letter does not appear in the target word at all.
  • The letter is in the word, but it is in the wrong place.
  • The letter is in the word and in the proper place.

To win the game, you must correctly guess all eight words. (The letters are all green.)

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