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Scholardle is a variation on Wordle, a word game in which players must guess a five-letter word six times per day. Each day in Scholardle, players must guess a different five-letter word, but only scholarly words. As a Wordle for those who like a good challenge, Scholardle is marketed as such. It was produced by the same company that made Writeful, a tool for academic proofreading, and it uses the same format as the original game. In order to correctly guess a five-letter word, you must do so in five or fewer attempts while using color cues.
Due to how simple it is to play and the fact that you only have six chances to succeed, this game has become more and more well-liked. Academic Wordle is a totally free word guessing game that doesn't require download or installation. You have to quickly guess an academic term using the grid layout in this wordle of academic vocabulary.

How to play

If you can, guess the academic word in six tries.

  • The color of the tiles will change after each guess to show how close your guess was to the word.
  • A green column indicates a match! A partial match to the mysterious academic word is indicated by the color yellow in the position column.
  • The letter does not match the gray color.

After finishing the day's game, players cannot start a new one. Continue reading to find out how to play the endless academic wordle game. The aim of the game is to correctly guess an academic topic in six tries, so it's imperative that you figure it out on your sixth attempt.

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