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Word Search is a classic puzzle game where you have to find the listed words. As you enter the game, you will see a grid containing letters. You must find the hidden words in the puzzle. The word can be placed vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or even backward. The game will help you test your skills in a fun way. Challenge yourself and try to solve each puzzle in the shortest time each time.

How to play Word Search

Word Search game comes with two basic features: a letter grid with a random arrangement and a list of words. Words can be displayed horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and vice versa. The player must find the words listed and highlight them by dragging the mouse over them. Each highlighted word is automatically removed from the list. Words are grouped into categories or topics.

Tips to play Word Search game

1. Start by skipping the list

The brain cannot assimilate all the words on the list on the first reading.

If the player starts by reading the list, the brain will become conditioned and will only look for words that leave an impression, creating a blind spot for the remaining words during this time.

So players look at the board before reading the list. Words will start to appear before their eyes and the game will be solved quickly.

2. Read the rows and columns

Words placed horizontally and vertically are the easiest to find because they follow a natural reading pattern. Therefore, try to read the rows and columns to see if a word stands out instead of focusing on finding a specific word.

3. Search for common endings

Long words tend to share their endings, for instance "-ing" or "ship". As a game of Word Search can contain several of these words, players may want to focus on scanning the grid for these common endings in order to find more words in one go.

4. Look for letters that stand out

This is a customizable tip given that, depending on the person, different letters may stand out more than others. Round letters such as O, Q, and D are good examples.

Looking for these letters can increase the efficiency of grid scanning.

5. Focus on unusual letters (QJXKZ)

Every language has letters in its alphabet that are clearly less common than others.

In the English language, letters like Q, Z, J, and even X and K, to some degree, belong to this category. If none of the words on the list contains these letters, these can be discarded on the grid.

You can play Word search game online for free or you can print thousands of word search puzzles and play with your friends with our free Printable Word Search. These puzzles cover different topics!


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