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Daily Word is a hidden word puzzle game. Any word will be hidden, and your task is to find that hidden word. Daily Wordle is a daily word game you can play online for free. Everyday, there will be a new puzzle for you to solve! Hidden words will have 4–11 randomly chosen letters. You only get one puzzle with  6 guesses per day.

How to play Daily Wordle

To start playing the game, you just need to enter any word to get a hint. If the letter is in the correct position, it will show up in green. If the letter is in the target word but in the wrong place, it will be yellow. And if the letter is not in the word in any position, it will be shown in gray.

After failing once more, if you know a few letters in the exact spot (green) and a few letters in yellow, you can try to deduce the hidden word and win the game!

How to win Daily Wordle

Choosing the starting word

Choosing the starting word is important. It is recommended to select a word that contains 3 vowels and 5 different letters. By this way, you can maximize your chances of success. The best starting words in Wordle are: SOARE, ROATE, RAISE.

Avoid using the gray letters

When you enter a word, the color of the tiles will change to give you feedback about how close you are to the target word. And if the tile is gray, that means the letter is not in the target word. So stop wasting your time on these letters.

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