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Globle is a spin-off of the popular Wordle game. Globle is not your typical word game; it is a geo-based puzzle with a new answer to find every day.

How to play

To begin the game, simply choose any country as your first guess. It will then make recommendations, allowing you to narrow down your options. Clues will tell you how close (or far) you are to getting the correct answer.

Here are some pointers on where to begin and how to play the game. Take a stab at it!

Playing Hints

• Globe will accept the spellings of some countries (eg Burma for Myanmar).

• Curacao, for example, is one of the few minor territories missing from the game.

• To get a better look at your next prediction, you can zoom and rotate the globe.

• Because France and the United Kingdom have multiple territories spread around the world, they are not marked when those countries are guessed.

• The borders of several countries are being contested. If you have any complaints or suggestions about geography, please contact the author.

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